The Antiques Treasure Trail was made for BBC Television and produced by Roy Player. Whether already addicted to antiques, or taking your first tentative steps, this is the most comprehensive guide to collecting.

Starting a Collection

Combining the talents of antique advisor Maurice Goodlad and the enthusiast Ian MacMillan. This show breaks down all the barriers with a comprehensive “hands on” guide that guarantees collecting antiques is FUN. Watch as the collectors:

Turn a picturesque North Yorkshire cottage into a home by following the voyage of discovery of a young couple as they visit their first auction in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside through to the market stalls of Paris and the unique festival of Lille…

Uncover bargains at house clearance sales and discover how to restore furniture by spending a few days away in the countryside on one of the numerous courses available…

Talk to the experts… and the enthusiasts who make the world of antiques so magical… combine that with a comprehensive list of contacts to offer practical advice, which ensures that everyone can happily enjoy, antiques without any fear.

This is without doubt, the essential guide.